Our activity

What we do

The Czech Federation of Food Banks is the umbrella organization of food banks in the Czech Republic. We represent all 15 functioning food banks at the national and supranational level and operate a central warehouse in Modletice.

Who we help

The collected food and small material help go through the regional food banks directly to partnered non-profit organizations that aid, for example, abandoned seniors, single parents, families in crisis, homeless people or people with mental and physical disabilities.

Goals of food banks

  • Fight against food waste
  • Share them with those who are hungry
  • Restore solidarity between people

Our history

The beginnings of food banks in the Czech Republic date back to 1992 when Mgr. Ilja Hradecký, the honorary member of the Czech Federation of Food Banks, founded the first food bank in the Czech Republic and two years later the federation. This concept worked more in the form of food storage for the non-profit organization "Naděje" and redistribution to other organizations. Therefore, no association of different entities would occur. This concept also did not spread further to other regions.

In 2004, charitable and social bodies were approached that could establish a new food bank (Sdružení azylových domů, Armáda spásy, Adra, Naděje, and Charita).

A general meeting was held in March 2005, at which the participants agreed to renew the concept from 1992. Of course, some financial support, storage equipment, warehouse, food suppliers, and finally the partner charitable organizations themselves had to be obtained. A year later, on March 30, 2006, a warehouse was opened in Prague with the participation of two ambassadors from the USA and France. Another task for the representatives of the Czech Federation of Food Banks was to spread awareness about food banks to other regions. The Ostrava Food Bank was established as the second food bank, followed by the Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, and Vysočina regions.